TetraPlant Complete Substrate 10kg For Aquatic Plant Growth

etra CompleteSubstrate - 10kg


Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth. It is advisable to cap this plant media with a gravel or similar substrate. Tetra advises Tetra Active Substrate, a coarse clay substrate with increased surface.


  • Substrate concentrate with long-term effect
  • For new installation of aquariums
  • Ready to use
  • Promotes fast, secure adhesion and resistant roots
  • Natural product enriched with specific micronutrients and minerals
  • Long-lasting iron for rich green leaves
  • Natural black peat with a high content of humic components creates a balanced soil climate
  • Optimised quartz sand mixture allows rapid root cultivation and promotes the circulation of water
  • Without nitrate and phosphate
  • For all freshwater aquarium

TetraPlant Complete Substrate For Aquatic Plant Growth