Oase biOrb Ceramic Media 450g


Key Features

  • 450g Box
  • Effective Biological media
  • Can be used in BiOrb and other aquariums
  • Easy to replace
  • Genuine BiOrb Part


Ceramic media inside a biOrb or aquarium filtration system is vital in keeping the water clear and healthy for the fish inside. 

Within the tank, beneficial bacteria colonise the ceramic media and help to remove toxic waste from the water as it flows through it. The ceramic media has a large surface area full of pores for bacteria to live on and just 900g of the media has the surface area equivalent to a football pitch. 

Through the daily filtration processes within the tank, the pores inside the media can become blocked with dirt and limescale. It is recommended that the media is replaced every year to ensure an efficient and effective filtration system is present in your aquarium. 

Never change more then 1/3 of your media at one time to ensure the established beneficial bacteria continue to thrive, and wait at least a month before replacing any more. 



Oase biOrb Ceramic Media 450g

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