• Kusuri Anti-Bac is based on highly effective Iodine
• Effective treatment for raised scales and ulcers
• Speeds up the healing process




Kusuri Anti Bac is a topical medication manufactured from the highest quality Iodine Tincture. This effective alcohol based product is used for the treatment of raised scales, lesions and ulcers. 

Water-based alternatives will wash off, where as the alcohol based Kusuri Anti-Bac is absorbed into the surface layers of tissue, killing pathogenic bacteria and speeding up the healing process. After a few days you should see the red inflamed wound of an ulcer turn pink and then a white hue as new tissue is formed.

Shake well. For best results, clean wound prior to application with Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner and then dry the treated area. Apply Kusuri Anti Bac onto wound area. Do not dry off and immediately apply Orahesive Powder. Allow medication to dry before returning fish to the pond.

Kusuri Anti-Bac 100ml