• Complete topical treatment kit
• Ideal for the treatment of ulcers, wounds and fin rot
• Includes step by step instructions




The Kusuri 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit for Koi provides a complete easy to use kit, for the beginner or experienced fish keeper for the treatment of ulcers, wounds and fin rot.

General pond medications may solve parasitic infestations but are seldom effective against physical ulcers, wounds or fin rot. Treating the fish topically will be more effective and potentially life saving.

Treating wounds on fish can be just as stressful for the owner as much as the fish. There can be nothing more upsetting than an ulcer on a Koi. This kit is designed to give you a pretty good chance at repairing the damage. One or two questions you must ask yourself, is this an isolated “one off” wound or ulcer? Do other Koi show signs of ulcers? if so please, be quite sure your water quality is good. Most ulcers that break out, and fail to heal naturally, are normally a result of an underlying water quality issue. Poor water quality will severely delay any healing process especially if Ammonia or Nitrite are high.

The secret to successful treatment is to catch the problem early and do something about it. Only in exceptional circumstances will a Koi have the ability to heal without treatment. It is quite common to do extra treatment as necessary. The Kusuri Topical Treatment Kit can be used at any temperature at any time of the year, though it must be pointed out the Koi will heal quicker if the water temperature is above 15°C.


This boxed kit is supplied with the following:

  • 1 x 150ml of Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate
  • 1 x 100ml Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner 
  • 1 x 100ml Kusuri Anti-Bac 
  • 1 x 100ml Spare bottle
  • 1 x 25gms of Kusuri Orahesive Sealer Powder
  • 1 x 50ml Kusuri Top Coat Sealer 
  • 1 pair of surgical gloves 
  • 10 x cotton bud applicators
  • Comprehensive step by step instructions


All kit components are replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item. If there is one thing you should keep at home for your Koi this is it! This kit contains chemicals and should be stored away from children & pets.

Kusuri 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit for Koi

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