• Removes Chlorine and Chloramine.
  • 10ml per 750 litres.
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  • Imported from UK.


Dechlorinator removes all chloramines and harmful toxins from tap 
Kockney Koi Dechlora is an essential additive for all new pond 
water. This advanced product ensures complete conditioning of tap 
water by removing all harmful chlorine compounds. This product is 
completely harmless to all pond life, filters and other animal 
wild life. 

DirectionsAdd 10ml per 750 Litres (150 Gallons) using the 
measuring cup provided. Treat all water entering the pond 
including topping up water. Never assume that tap water is safe. 
NoteAlways mix in a suitable container with some pond water and 
distribute evenly around the pond. 
ImportantCalculate your pond volume accurately. To calculate 
your pond volume: Length x Width x Depth x 6 = Gallonage (all 
measurements are in feet). Monitor your fish during all 
treatments. Aeration is essential during treatment. If necessary, 
use an additional air pump. Filtration should be maintained at 
all times. Switch off Ultra Violet filters during treatment. Do 
not overdose. If in doubt seek advice from your dealer or 
alternatively use the Helpline. If you use rainwater to top up 
your pond, treat it first as it may be too acidic. 
Health & SafetyAvoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with 
eyes rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice. In 
case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice. Keep 
closed when not in use. Store between 5-25 Degrees and away from 
children and pets. Do not allow to freeze.


Kockney Koi Dechlorinator 1Ltr

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