Juwel Aquarium Background Stone Granite


Juwel Aquarium Background Stone Granite

The Juwel Aquarium Background Stone Granite is part of Juwel's innovative background range. With its distinctive natural granite tones and striking rock structure effect, the incredibly realistic feature emits textured tones and a three-dimensional feel to your tank, melding beautifully with the vibrant colourways of your fish, plants and underwater formations. The size of this Juwel background measures 60cmx 55cm x 3cm yet can be cut to size so is perfect for smaller units also.

Juwel Structured Backgrounds are extremely decorative and can really improve the internal appearance of your aquarium by providing visual depth. The Juwel Aquarium Background in Stone Granite effect provides a distinctive illusion of depth whilst offering you a way to enhance the aesthetics of your tank with ease. The background can be cut to the size that you require and added to the inside of the aquarium using Juwel Conexo for optimum results.

The Juwel Aquarium Background Stone Granite compliments the matching Juwel Aquarium Filter cover in the same finish perfectly.

At a Glance:

Size: 60cmx 55cm x 3cm 

Easily installed

Provides a 3D effect inside your aquarium for visual impact

Helps to create contrast and depth inside your tank

Can be cut to size for smaller aquarium units

Juwel Aquarium Background Stone Granite

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