Gold label Underwater Sealer does exactly what the name says, Gold label Underwater Sealer is remarkable and it will seal everything and everything, stainless steel to stainless steel, it will stick steel to plastic, plastic to wood, wood to stone, stone to plastic and what’s more as the name suggests it can be used underwater.

Yes actually underwater, Gold label Underwater Sealer is a truly remarkable product , imagine being able to seal any leak without having to drain the pond and further more Gold label Underwater Sealer is completely safe for the fish or any other pond life.

No longer need you worry about sealing that Pond liner and installing a Bottom Drain use Gold label Underwater Sealer and it will never leak, in fact you would have to break the bottom drain to be able to remove it, repair instantly a cut in the liner below the water level, if you can reach it then you can seal it without any worries whatsoever.

Gold label Underwater Sealer Instructions:
For best results clean all surfaces to be free of grease, algae, etc.
Place Gold label Underwater Sealer directly onto the surface you wish to bond/seal.
For bonding where there is movement (expansion and contraction) of different materials leave a minimum 2mm thickness of bead between surfaces.
Gold label Underwater Sealer  for Full cure needs 24 hours, initial tack 2-3 hours, can be painted over up to 4 hours.
Bonds all materials even under water.

  • Butyl Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Gold label Underwater Sealer is available in black or clear in colour and supplied in a tube ready for application using a skeleton gun.

Gold label Underwater Sealer has a Shelf life 12 months if stored in dry conditions between 10-25°C

Gold label Underwater Sealer is Available in  290ml tubes (Silicone gun required - not included)

Also the Gold label Underwater Sealer is available in a One-Shot 75ml (Black only) with trigger nozzle (silicone gun not required).

Gold Label Underwater Sealer