The WATER ALGAE block the phosphate in the water, making it unavailable for the algae.

WATER ALGAE is not a biocide according to Regulation No. 528/2012.

HOW should it be used?


Shake well before use. An initial removal is recommended of the algae stuck to the glass, objects and everything else deemed necessary. Change 25% of the water before using the product (the addition of WATER CONDITIONER is recommended).

Add the dose of WATER ALGAE Complex anti-phosphate fluid, preferably near the water outlet of the filter.

Dose: 10mL for every 40L (always for the total volume of the aquarium).
Clean the sponge in the middle of the treatment process.

If the problem continues after 15 days, repeat the process. The addition of WATER BIO-BACT is recommended at the end of the treatment to strengthen the biological filtration.


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