BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool - Blue


  • Extendable cleaning tool
  • Flexible silicone cleaning blade for cleaning the inside of the aquarium
  • Flexible silicone brush head specially designed for cleaning decor
  • Can be used to clean the inside of bubble tube
  • Handy for replacing BiOrb airstones
  • Suitable for all aquariums
  • Available in 2 colours; blue & pink

Introducing the new Multi Cleaning Tool from Oase BiOrb. The BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool is available in two colours; blue and pink and features multiple cleaning options for BiOrb aquariums and accessories.

Use the flexible cleaning blade to remove dirt and algae from the inside of your aquarium. The silicone brush is specially designed for cleaning decor making it ideal for use on the BiOrb aquarium ornaments. Turn the Multi Tool upside-down to use the silicone head to effortlessly clean the inside of the bubble tube. The head can also be used to replace the airstone in the BiOrb aquariums quick and easily without getting your hands wet. To clean deeper aquariums, simply extend the handle with a twist.

BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool - Blue BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool - Blue

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