Biorb Moss Pebbles


Reef One Biorb Moss Aquarium Pebbles (approx 5 small-medium sized)_

These realistic looking Biorb Moss pebbles add instant visual impact inside any aquarium or marine tank. The durable product which is abundant in colour and texture, is perfect for creating interest and personalizing the space inside your unique aquarium. Each pack comes with around 5 medium sized pebbles.

With these Birob Moss pebbles it is possible to fill your aquarium with beautifully vibrant underwater elements without the need to grow and care for living organisms such as plants and corals! The innovative product reduces the expense and time commitment needed for real life plant and coral care and allows for flexibility when choosing where to situate your tank. Synthetic aquarium reef accessories are hassle-free to assemble inside your tank and require no maintenance.

The Biorb Moss Aquarium Pebbles, look realistic whilst costing less to maintain. Using synthetic underwater accessories takes away the necessity for extra tank equipment involved in looking after real plants and coral, together with fertilizers, strong fluorescent lighting and carbon dioxide. The moss pebbles from Biorb make for fantastic alternatives to living plants and corals and take up very little room.

Whereas live plants need to be planted in specific locations, these innovative moss pebbles from Biorb can be placed absolutely anywhere in the tank, adapting to soil conditions, gravel or used to compliment other pebble selections. Not only will aquatic accessories also take very little effort to clean but they never decay, resulting in a tidier aquarium that is pleasing to the eye all year round.

At a Glance:

Abundant in colour

Realistic and perfect for accessorizing your aquarium

Brings texture and vibrancy to your tank

Great for personalizing any underwater spaces

Fantastic alternative to real-life pants, reducing maintenance

Hassle-free to assemble inside your tank

Allows for the flexibility to situate your tank anywhere in the home

No waste - no clogging up the filter!

Simply rinse the ornament and add to the aquarium, completely inert and will not affect the water chemistry in any way


Biorb Moss Pebbles

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