Biorb Feather Fern Plant 


Reef One Biorb Feather Fern Plant Small:

These two Biorb Feather Fern Plants in a vibrant green colour add texture and dimension to any aquarium. Perfect when used in most Biorb aquariums, the artificial plants which can also be used in other similar sized tanks too, offer an easy way to create a lush environment inside your aquariums

Simply drop the plants in wherever required and enjoy an underwater world filled with interesting foliage and obstacles for your fish to wave in and out of. These small sized aquatic plants are easy to take care of and require next to no maintenance. The ornamental features take away the responsibility to take care of real aquatic plants, and look just as beautiful. 

These two Biorb Feather Fern plants can be combined with a selection of ornaments and additional plants and foliage to introduce texture and interest to your aquarium. The plants keep their vibrant colour together with their shape and offer a long-lasting eye-catching feature for your aquarium for years to come.

At a Glance;

Pack of 2

Suitable for all Reef One Aquariums

Adds texture, vibrancy and dimension to any aquarium

Create a lush environment

Provides your fish with obstacles to swim in and out of

Easy to take care of with no maintenance 

Can be combined with many other aquatic ornaments and plants to create interest inside your aquarium

Biorb Feather Fern Plant Small

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