Biorb Classic 30 Litre White with MCR LED

The Biorb Classic 30 in this stylish white colour is like no other on the market with its high gloss curves and its compact globe-shaed design making it easy to find a place for this eye catching modern designed tank. The tank is perfect for fancy goldfish or small tropical fish, and is large enough to get creative with plants and ornaments, yet discreet enough to fit on an office desk. The 30 litre aquarium is unique, dynamic and beautifully refined, having been designed in this smooth perfectly rounded globe shape and enhanced by the modern MRC LED Lighting for a spectacular ambiance.


The Multi Coloured Remote Controlled LED lighting feature allows you to enjoy an entire spectrum of colour with the simple touch of a button. Natural light cycles can be controlled by an automatic setting with an innovative inbuilt timer that phases the light through for you, using a 24 hour period from daylight to moonlight. The cutting edge technology from biOrb allows you as the aquarium hobbyist, to replicate natural cycles of daylight to enhance the health and development of your fish species as well as replicating natural conditions inside the aquarium. 8, 10 and 12 hour daylight modules can be chosen, then simply let the MRC LED Lighting do the rest. The lighting can also be left to run on its own 24/7, making it the perfect lighting choice to use for when on vacation or for those who often find themselves tied up with after work hour commitments. 

The small and beautifully compact design envelops Biorb's three methods of filtration. The biological stage which uses ceramic media with a surface area the size of a football pitch to act as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Secondly the mechanical stage allowing any excess dirt to get trapped inside the unique filter cartridge whilst finally the carbon (chemical stage) removes heavy metals and keeps your water crystal clear. The filter cartridge will need replacing every month to ensure your aquarium stays crystal clear and for the best results. 


The Biorb Classic 30 litre aquarium in white also comes equipped with 12v transformer, air pump, 900g of ceramic media, an air stone, filter cartridge, water conditioner, beneficial bacteria liquid and sample fish food together with clear instructions to guarantee and easy set up within the home. 

The Biorb Classic 30 is a must have for all first time aquarium hobbyists as well as those looking for a neat and tidy focal feature for small spaces such as an office desk, and ultra-modern homes. 


At a Glance:

Size: 30 Litres

Unique three stage filtration process

Dimensions, W40cm H42cm

Weight, 5.45kg

Life 30l Aquarium

MCR LED Lighting with full colour spectrum and natural light cycle controlled by remote

12v Transformer

900g Ceramic Media

Air Stone

Filter Cartridge

12v Air Pump

Water Conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria

Small and stylish design

Modern, dynamic aesthetic

Genuine biOrb product