Biorb Aquatic Topiary


Biorb Topiary Moss Balls 3 pack:

These Biorb Topiary Green plants suitable for all biorb aquariums, replicate the profile of real-life clumps of luscious foliage. Distinguishable for their eye catching beauty, Green Topiary plants are a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists, used for their dramatic and intense appeal for instant visual impact inside any aquarium or marine tank. The naturalistic product which is abundant in colour is perfect for creating interest and personalizing the space inside your unique aquarium.

Now it is possible to fill your aquarium with beautifully vibrant plant species without the need to grow and care for them! The Biorb Topiary Green plants reduce the expense and time commitment needed for real life plant care and allows for flexibility when choosing where to situate your tank. Synthetic aquarium reef plants are hassle free to assemble inside your tank and require no maintenance.

The Biorb Topiary Green Balls looks life-like whilst costing less to maintain. Using synthetic underwater plants takes away the necessity for extra tank equipment involved in looking after real plants, together with fertilizers, strong fluorescent lighting and carbon dioxide. The synthetic Green Topiary balls from Biorb not only serve a decorative purpose but take up no oxygen, minimising the risk of clogging up your filter at the same time.

Whereas live plants need to be planted in specific locations, the Biorb Topiary Green Balls can be placed absolutely anywhere in the tank, adapting to soil conditions, gravel or pebbles. Not only will synthetic plants also take very little effort to clean but they never decay, resulting in a tidier aquarium that is pleasing to the eye all year round.

At a Glance:

Suitable for all biorb aquariums

Reduces plant upkeep

Hassle-free to care for

Safe for all aquatic life

Easy to remove

No need for live-plant care equipment

Provides a colourful and highly attractive focal feature to your tank

Creates a lush green environment for your fish tank


Biorb Aquatic Topiary

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