• Unique mix of plant and herb extracts and natural vitamins
• Accelerates the healing process
• For best results use in conjunction with Aqua Balance Enzyme
• Each sphere treats 20,000 litres




Aqua Balance Remedy from Aqua Source is a unique product formulated with natural ingredients. Remedy contains a mix of Japanese plant and herb extracts, spores and essential vitamins designed to help your koi thrive.Aqua Balance Remedy is especially effective in accelerating the healing process of ulcers, fungal diseases and fin rot. For best results use in conjunction with Aqua Balance Enzyme.

Water conditions, bacterial and pressure differences are often overlooked when introducing new koi or carrying our water changes or filter maintenance. Remedy will ensure new koi settle in quickly helping to acclimatise new koi to a pond or restore a ponds balance after cleaning a filter or partial water change.

Add the contents of the tub directly into your pond on the first and fourth day after adding chemicals including blanketweed treatments, water changes, adding new koi, during illness or overfeeding.

Aqua Source Aqua Balance Remedy