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Poly Tunnel

We sell Quality Japanese Koi and English Bred Fish. Our speciality is in creating aquatic landscapes, ponds, and landscape gardening for the Staffordshire community!

Sunnybank Koi was started in 2007 by three Koi enthusiasts, and is now managed and run by cousins Neil and Sam.

Neil and Gary are both landscape gardeners who specialise in ponds and aquatic landscapes. Therefore the natural progression after installing a fabulous pond is to be able to provide quality fish to enhance it.

Young Sam was like many koi carp keepers, a carp fisherman first, with a love for fish. So when he discovered the 'living jewels' that we call Koi there was no going back!

Sunnybank Koi call a 36 foot polytunnel home at the moment. This presently contains three separate systems totalling approximately 10000 gallons, with plans for expansion in the future.

In 2010 we dug out our natural clay mud pond for growing on and developing young koi. This year we will see the completion of our main 9000 Gallon display pond, showcasing how beautiful koi in a natural landscaped pond perfectly compliment one another.

We aim to provide Koi to suit all people and pockets. From strong, healthy, English bred for the garden pond, to serious quality from the top breeders in Japan for all us Koi geeks out there.

Neil and Sam have quite different taste in Koi Carp , meaning that we always have a varied selection of Koi available. This means we can always offer QUALITY KOI AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.